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Testimonials from our customers (names available on request)
"Really pleased with the work you have done on my concertinas over time. Would not send them to anyone else for tuning"
"Very happy with the concertina, it is playing really well - thank you so much"
"totally delighted with the tuning of my late 19 Century Bilhorn Brothers telescope organ to concert pitch (440 hz) from 336 Hz. Many thanks to Concertinas-UK"

"If anyone out there needs a concertina repairing Nigel is your man! I had a lucky break at a sale and got an original early Wheatstone with glass buttons. It was very pretty, but in sad need of attention. It has just been returned to me today and is playing beautifully and looks great. Nigel has maintained it's original integrity but got it playing well. His attention to detail is super!"

"Jeffries anglo: Dear Nigel, the Jeffries is superb - action and response are very crisp, taking only a breath of air, and it is beautifully balanced across the range for big chords or quick tunes. It plays and looks better than I could have hoped.Thank you for your expert work."

WHAT WE DO: tuning, reed work, valving, re-padding, action repairs, springs, bushing, gasketing, bellows repair and replacement, thumb straps, hand straps, strap screws, end bolts etc.
Nigel in his Frogmore workshop.
We have customers throughout the world.
We can supply valves, springs, pads, buttons and straps to order. Please contact us for a quote.
Local Folk
Harberton Folk.Traditional music & dance in Southern Devon
Mock Hobby Horse
SHAMSTRAD. South Hams Traditional Music.
Folk on the Moor
Crabshell Records
National Folk
Barleycorn Concertinas
Ian Bruce
Our Local Favourites
Paul and Adrian
Old Gaffers

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